Great interview

Annie’s story was so real and touching. Strong is an understatement



No wasted days and no wasted questions

Mike does an incredible job asking the questions that we’re all thinking about but too scared to ask. He has a natural ability to drive conversations to the next level and get far deeper than what we had anticipated. A must add to your podcast list!

The Anna Report,


Excellent Podcast

Mike does a very good job interviewing and getting to know his guests – he asks all the tough questions and the ones that we want to ask. I can’t wait for his next episode!



Awesome & Entertaining

Absolutely LOVE this show! It covers all realms of life and adds value to my daily life experiences. Inspiring show for the curious mind as it makes you think, smile, and laugh.


T MayMoney,


I love this podcast!

I look forward to this show each week. Mike does a great job delving into the field each guest is an expert in. Extracting entertaining, informative, and genuinely heartfelt stories from the guests. Thank you for making this podcast each week, keep up the great work!



Worth a listen!!

Always look forward to Mikes weekly podcasts! Love hearing his guests stories. Mikes a passionate guy who keeps the show entertaining, fun, and exciting. Love getting to know who ever is on! I feel refreshed and inspired after listening to the show which is what I’m always looking for when taking the time to listen to podcasts.



Love it!

Great podcast with a good array of guests.

Looking forward to future episodes!



Awesome content

Keeps you hooked the whole podcast! Mike is really a great host! I love that he has a variety of topics! Keep up the great work mike!



Very entertaining and well put together.

The show has a very diverse group of guests which makes it extremely unique and entertaining. Love this podcast! Keep up the great work.

The Stanzer


The best!

Sooooo good!!!!!!!

A Design71



Mike is the best and puts on the best podcast around! Great mix of sports and current events.

Lew Miller


Great podcast!

I love listening to Mikes podcast and hearing about his guests’ life experiences. I’ve definitely learned alot about life itself while listening to the podcast! Keep up the great work Mike! I’m always excited to hear whose going to be on the show next!!!!



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